Our Activities

Periodical meetings of Parent-Teacher's, Teacher-Student are important aspect of our curricular activities. School provides facilities for

Chairman & President's Message

Dr.Purna Chandra Das

Learning makes a man perfect. Our school Laxmi Narayan Public School is a center of learning and dissipation of knowledge.Discipline is the achievement of knowledge. I urge upon everybody to adher discipline in own life , in school , in class and over all let us teach it to our fellow students.Dear Staff & student My goal today is to live in a state of grace and lightness. I will not invite struggle or drama. I will say yes more and smile often - a great quote from Kimberley Blaine a philosopher.

Director's Message

Dr. Sarat Chandra Das

Aspiration leads to excellence. Education builds a nation, creates a generation.It stands as an epitome of learning and spreading education among illeterates. Let us carry forward the spirit of education through our institution to the down trodden society..My best wishes for all students,staff and other employees of the institution. If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath

Principal'S Message

Mr.Sarat Chandra Sahoo

The main objective of establishment of this institution is to impart such education to the children of the locality as while it helps to imbibe in them a sense of deep patriotism and instills in them a disciplined out look, deeply dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. In the process school has been upgraded to senior secondary level with a sharp aim of creating an environment truely conducive to the development of the child mentally and physically and instill in them, knowledge and wisdom. Let us not forget our responsibility for the society.


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